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Egress windows
[vc_column width=”2/3″]Egress Windows are a European style of windows that has been gaining in popularity in the United States over the past years. A significant factor in Egress Window’s increased usage is that many cities, municipalities, and towns now require Egress Windows in the basement and bedrooms above the first floor.

An Egress Window differs from traditional windows since Egress Windows swing in, instead of lift up. The window swinging in allows for complete and unobstructed ingress, which is useful in case of needing to use the window as an emergency exit. In most cases, Egress Windows need approximately six feet of clearance for the window to function properly, but our Egress Windows come in multiples sizes and styles.[/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″]

Egress Windows as Emergency Exits

Egress Windows are critical in case of fires, which is why they are required for basements and bedrooms within homes. Egress Windows need to be large enough for residents to escape and for emergency crews and their equipment to enter. Due to these requirements Egress Windows generally have the following size requirements:

Minimum Width: 20 inches
Minimum Height: 24 inches
Minimum Net Clearance for Openings: 5.7 square feet
Maximum Sill Height From Floor: 44 inches

These size requirements allow enough space for individuals to enter and exit the Egress Window in the case of an emergency situation. Today, home are built according to these specifications and local building code ordinances, but if you have an older home and wish to remodel you’ll need to ensure all windows follow the code and are Egress Windows when needed.

Further Egress Window Requirements

In addition to specific size requirements, most areas have other conditions regarding Egress Windows that need to be followed. You need to be able to open all Egress Windows within the home without the use of tools or keys, and any bars or grills over the window need to be opened without tools or keys.

When you install Egress Windows within a basement space, you’ll need to make sure that the window well has enough room to move in and if the window well is deep that there is a ladder to within the window well. In cases where the Egress Window is located under a deck, make sure there is enough room to get out from under the deck as well.

Chicagoland’s Best Egress Windows

Sahara Window and Doors has many years of experience working with homeowners and developers to ensure Egress Windows following all building codes and local ordinances are used. Our sales team is well versed in each of the suburbs requirements throughout our service area in Chicagoland and is happy to discuss the options with you. We are also able to alter existing window openings to meet egress requirements.

Chicagoland’s Largest Selection of Egress Windows

Sahara Window and Doors carries more manufacturers brands of windows than the competition, which ensures that you, the customer, have the most choices possible when it comes to style, finishes, and options. If energy efficiency is important Sahara Window and Doors has triple pane Egress Window options.

Chicago’s Top Egress Window Installers

Over the years Sahara Window and Doors has grown into Chicagoland’s best Egress Window installers. Receiving more glowing reviews than any other window company, Sahara Window and Doors is Chicago’s highest rated window company. By offering top-of-the-line window manufacturers coupled with excellent work and quality customer service, Sahara Window and Doors has truly become Chicago’s best Egress Window installation company.

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