Air Infiltration: The Drafty Invader in Your Home

With the harsh Chicago winter quickly approaching, many of our customers ask us about air infiltration, why it happens and what homeowners can do to remedy it. Firstly, every home is not completely airtight and “breathes,” regardless of age. The natural ventilation between your home and the outside air refreshes the air inside and eliminates excessive moisture which causes mildew and mold. That being said, the problem arises when air infiltration is deemed excessive and leads to frustratingly higher heating and cooling costs.

When deciding whether it’s time to replace your home’s windows and doors, several factors must be considered. Most important is the age and condition of your current doors and windows. Obviously—windows, entry doors, and storm doors that were purchased many years ago are not as advanced technologically as products made today. Double and triple-paned thermal glass, argon-filled panes, and superior insulation techniques all make a big difference towards a home’s air infiltration issues. Also, proper installation is hands down the most important factor that will affect air infiltration and not something leave to chance when purchasing new doors and windows. Confirm that installation is performed by licensed, insured, and bonded employees and not subcontractors.

At Sahara Window and Door, we offer eleven of the most efficient brands on the market today with the best possible air infiltration ratings. More specifics are available from our representatives during your free in-home estimate. With over 35 years in business, Sahara is BBB accredited and well-praised on Angie’s List and Yelp. We stand behind our workmanship and products, and we would love to help mitigate your air infiltration issues, once and for all!