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When you take the time to replace old outdated, broken, or under-performing windows, doors, or siding it’s not only important to purchase good quality products, but it’s also important to make sure experienced professionals will be installing your new windows, doors, or siding. Sahara Window and Doors uses only quality installers to install any windows, doors, and siding purchased from our location. We feel it’s important to couple our best products with excellent installation services. At Sahara Window and Doors we take pride not only in the products we sell but also the work we do.

Anytime we install products sold at Sahara Window and Doors on a home or business the work is completed by installers employed by Sahara Window and Doors. By employing our installers and not contracting out, we can ensure that all work completed is up to our standards. Each installer employed by us goes through a rigorous training process which is completed by us that way we know they understand our policies and procedures. On average, our installers have been with the company over 11 years. We’re confident in our installation teams’ ability to get the job done and install any windows, doors, siding, or other products we sell correctly and seamlessly.

While onsite our installers are careful to keep the area they are working in clean and also prevent debris and dust from spreading throughout the rest of the building and surrounding outside area. Our installers bring tarps, hallway runners, and vacuums to help with cleanliness. They are sure to remove any garbage and debris after they finish working and many of our past customers have commented they could hardly tell the installers had been there.

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