Chicagoland Custom Trim & Shutters Installation


Trim and shutters from Sahara Window and Doors provide an excellent opportunity to personalize your home’s exterior. Whether you are looking to install trim and shutters in conjunction with another project or simply installing trim and shutters, Sahara Window and Doors has the best selection and prices in the area.

Each of the stunning architectural elements we offer at Sahara Window and Doors allows you to customize your home, giving it a lasting impression on guests and increase curb appeal. We can install trim around windows, outside corners, and other highly noticeable accent areas. Our trim and shutters look like stylish handcrafted wood, but require none of the maintenance of wood.

We offer a wide variety of trim and shutter options for our clients, some of which include:

  • Custom color window trim
  • Decorative door surrounds
  • Exterior cove molding
  • Fancy columns
  • Scallops
  • Traditional louvered and raised panel shutters
Victorian exterior

To ensure we have the largest selection of styles and options possible, we carry multiple manufacturers. In fact, Sahara Window and Doors has one of the best selections of trim and shutters in all the Chicago area.

Sahara Window and Doors is owned and operated by retired police officers and has many decades of experience installing trim and shutters throughout the area. Our roots in the community are deep and thanks to our many years of excellent service, Sahara Window and doors is Chicago’s top rated window and door company. Our team is very experienced in the multitude of building styles found throughout the area and are fully capable of completing any trim and shutter project.

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