Chicagoland Replacement Windows, Siding, & Doors Energy Savings

Sahara Window and Doors offers many excellent Energy Star products which both help to preserve the environment and save you money on your heating and cooling costs. We carry only the top of the line window, siding, and doors with Energy Star certifications. Our Energy Star products are all excellent replacements for older inefficient windows, siding, and doors.

Energy Star Windows

Sahara Window and Doors carries a large selection of top-of-the-line Energy Star Windows. We install more Energy Star Windows in Chicago than our competition and have the largest selection of Energy Star Windows. Whether you are looking for energy efficient triple pane windows or Energy Star bay windows, the team at Sahara Window and Doors will help you find the perfect fit for your home.

Energy Star Siding

The Energy Star siding at Sahara Window and Doors makes an excellent investment for your home that you will enjoy for many years. Our siding comes in many fine colors, and we carry both aluminum and vinyl siding. In addition to our large selection of Energy Star certified siding, we also carry many options for soffit, fascia, trim, and shutters to finish your home’s look.

Energy Star Doors

For many homes in Chicago, doors are where a lot of heat is lost during the winter months. If interior air from your home is escaping from cracks and gaps surrounding your exterior doors, it’s time to upgrade to Energy Efficient doors from Sahara Window and Doors. We have a wonderful selection of Energy Star doors covering all types of exterior doors, from patio doors to elegant french doors.

energy efficient siding

What Does Energy Star Certified Mean?

Energy Star products receive their certification from the government if they are a product that helps protect the environment and save money by with reduced energy costs. Energy Star was first established to reduce greenhouse gases and other pollutants and to make it easy for customers to tell which products will produce savings on energy bills without sacrificing quality.

The EPA carefully considers each product before awarding it with an Energy Star certification. One of the key factors when deciding upon Energy Star products is the product, if more expensive than it’s counterparts, must allow the consumer to recover any additional purchase costs within a reasonable amount of time. Periodically, the EPA will reevaluate and receive product requirements for the different categories, and this tends to occur when at least half of the market has been awarded Energy Star certifications.

Sahara Window and Doors Expert Energy Star Installers

You can purchase the best Energy Star windows, siding, or doors, but if they are not properly installed you probably won’t see a decrease in energy bills. The installers at Sahara Window and Doors have on average 11 years experience with the company and are experts at installing windows, doors, and siding. The installation teams work tirelessly to ensure everything is properly installed and when they finish their work you’ll hardly know they were there.

Chicago Replacement Windows, Siding & Doors Energy Savings Experts

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