Is it time for new windows with built-in blinds in your home or office? This article will tell you everything you need to know about windows with built-in blinds, or integrated blinds, as they are sometimes called. We will discuss the pros and cons of windows with built-in blinds. You will also learn about two window manufacturers, Pella Windows and Great Lakes Windows, that Sahara Window & Doors recommends for windows with built-in blinds for your home. 

What are Windows with Built-In Blinds? 

Windows with internal blinds

Though standard blinds are certainly helpful at blocking out sunshine and to maintain privacy along with keeping out the neighbors’ prying eyes, we all know that blinds can also be a hassle. They can be tough to clean and difficult to maintain (who hasn’t pulled too hard on one side of the card, ending up with lopsided blinds?) Not to mention, blinds can be downright dangerous for children and pets. Traditional blinds are prone to breakage and can be expensive to repair or replace, time and time again. 

With windows that have built-in blinds, the blinds sit inside the window between two panes of glass, rather than as a separate window treatment that lays over the inside of the window. The blinds are operated with either a remote control or a magnetic slider that runs along the side of the window. 

Enter here windows with built-in blinds. Window manufacturers know that the struggle with blinds is real, and have built new kinds of windows to adapt to the struggle. These are a hassle-free alternative to traditional blinds. 

So how do windows with built-in blinds work? In these kinds of windows, the blinds sit inside the window between two panes of glass, rather than as a separate window treatment that lays over the inside of the window. The blinds are operated with a remote control or a magnetic slider that runs along the side. Windows with built-in blinds are also referred to in the window industry as windows with integrated blinds. There are several advantages to windows with built-in blinds

If you have doors with windows (for example, a sliding-glass door to a patio), there are also doors with built-in blinds available, too. 

Next, we’ll go over the positives and negatives of windows with built-in blinds so you can decide if these are the right kind of windows for your home or office. 

Advantages of Windows with Integrated Blinds

Here are the advantages of windows with integrated blinds. 

Reduced Maintenance

One of the many benefits of windows with integrated blinds is that having the blinds inside the glass instead of outside virtually eliminates the need to dust or clean them on a regular basis. If you have ever tried dusting or cleaning blinds, you know what a relief it is to not have to worry about blind maintenance! Well-sealed windows with integrated blinds won’t accumulate dust and other allergens the way regular blinds do. Most homeowners with integrated blinds say that they only need to wash the inside of the glass every few years or so. 

Less Risk of Breakage

Another benefit of windows with built-in blinds is their lifespan. When the blinds are inside the windows and protected by panes of glass, they are protected from damage and routine wear and tear. Standard blinds often become brittle and break over time, particularly if they are the cheap kind. Blinds can also be broken or bent by young children, pets, or let’s face it, perhaps even adults! This means they need to be replaced on a regular basis, and those costs can accumulate and become expensive over time. However, windows with integrated blinds are safe from most damage and usually last as long as the windows themselves. 

Safer for Families and Pets 

The cords on regular blinds are extremely unsafe, especially for families with young children. Cords are a strangulation risk for babies and toddlers. Windows with integrated blinds do not have cords, which make them a much safer option for families with young children and/or pets. Both dogs and cats love to chew on blinds or get tangled up in the cord. The safety aspect is often reason enough for some homeowners to choose windows with built-in blinds over other kinds of window treatments. 

Convenience Factor

We all know that blinds can be difficult to operate, and frankly, a pain. Windows with integrated blinds eliminate the hassle of blinds completely. The magnetized slider or remote control is a much simpler, more convenient way to operate blinds. Especially if you have large glass doors in your home, integrated blinds are the way to go since they won’t swing and make noise or clatter as you enter and exit the doors. Who doesn’t want to eliminate some extra hassle from their life? 

Fewer Allergens

One of the places dust likes to accumulate best in homes is on traditional blinds. If anyone in your home struggles with allergies, one way to eliminate potential allergens in your home is by eliminating the blinds themselves. Windows with integrated blinds mean fewer allergens disturbing the people who live in your home on a daily basis. 

Additional Things to Consider with Windows with Integrated Blinds

While there are not many cons of having windows with integrated blinds, here are a few things to keep in mind:


Because of all of the advantages of windows with integrated blinds, buying a window with built-in blinds may be slightly more expensive than purchasing a set of blinds. However, in the long run, the benefits and low cost of maintenance might still make windows with integrated blinds a cost-effective choice for your home or office. 

Design Options

While traditional blinds come in virtually any material (bamboo, aluminum, pine, etc.) and any color combination you can imagine, unfortunately the same is not true of windows with integrated blinds. Your design options will be more limited if you choose windows with built-in blinds for your home. However, there are still a tremendous amount of fantastic options available. 

Energy Efficiency

Typically, windows are insulated with argon, which is sealed between double-pane windows to slow drafts. However, manufacturers usually skip this step in windows with integrated blinds in order to maintain the integrity of the window treatments. Unfortunately, that means the window’s U-factor, the measure of its insulation, is often lower. To avoid decreased energy efficiency in your windows with built-in blinds, look for triple-pane window models. These models ensure that the window has a separate layer of insulated glass. 

Pella Windows

One manufacturer we recommend that produces windows with built-in blinds is Pella. Pella manufactures between-the-glass blinds and shades. According to Pella, these window treatments offer style flexibility and harbor fewer allergens. Their between-the-glass blinds offer cordless operation, a variety of beautiful blind and shade colors, and optional motorized shades so you can operate your shades from virtually anywhere. 

Sahara Window & Doors has been working with Pella windows for years. If you are interested in installing Pella between-the-glass blinds or shades in your home, call Sahara Windows & Doors today! 

Great Lakes Windows

Another manufacturer that produces a line of windows with built-in windows is Great Lakes Windows. Sahara Window & Doors carries Great Lakes Windows as another option we recommend for homes across the Chicagoland area. 

Windows with Built-In Blinds in Chicagoland

If you are ready to explore your option for windows and doors with built-in blinds, contact Sahara Window & Doors today. We have years of experience installing these kinds of windows and doors in homes across the Chicagoland area. 



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