Simplify your Life with Windows and Doors With Built-in Blinds

patio door with built in blinds
Built-in blinds are becoming quite popular for windows and doors throughout Chicagoland. It’s very common to see newer homes with built-in blinds on sliding glass doors thanks to their ease of use. When compared to windows and doors without built-in blinds, windows and doors with them built-in have many advantages.

Advantages to Built-in Blinds on Windows and Doors

Easy Cleaning

When your windows and doors have their blinds built into them the blinds won’t collect dust like traditional curtains and blinds do. The built-in blinds are inside of the window in a sealed environment so they will be dust and debris free. Built-in blinds are perfect for individuals with allergy issues since they won’t collect allergens like traditional window treatments do.

Pet and Child Safe

Pets and small children can get wrapped up in traditional blinds and their associated cords, but with built-in blinds, you won’t have that issue. Traditional blinds can be a strangling hazard for small children if they get the cords wrapped around their necks. While blinds can be a strangling hazard for pets, the larger issue is pets accidentally destroying the blinds. Dogs and cats have a tendency to break, rip, or otherwise destroy window treatments while looking out the window. And many cats have the bad habit of confusing cords hanging from windows treatments with toys. If your window treatments are built into the window or doors then none of that will be an issue.

Additional Insulation

If energy efficiency is of the utmost importance to you, then purchasing replacement windows and replacement doors with built-in blinds will add a little extra insulation to your windows and doors.

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