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Security doors

Why Should I Install a Security Door?

Installing a security door to your home adds an additional layer of security to your exterior doors. A security door is similar to a screen door, but usually, is made of steel for enhanced security. Security doors also tend to have additional measures to increase security, such as ways to stop door breaching, lock picking, and ram-raiding. Installing steel security doors is also an easy way to increase your home’s value.

Seven Reasons to Install Security Doors

Looks Great

Security doors make a great first impression. A quality security door looks elegant and matches your home’s style completely. Guests will notice your security door as they walk up to your home and be envious.


When you have a security door you can leave your front door open, leave the security door closed, and enjoy a nice breeze from outside without the need to leave the door entirely open.

Keep Pests Out

If you enjoy fresh air and want to keep your door open, a security door will help to keep bugs and other pests out, but let the breeze in.

Increased Security

Security doors increase security by adding an additional layer of security between the inside of your home and the outside. Security doors can be customized and fitted to any home. You can also choose to add additional locks to the door for added security.

Pet Friendly

Contrary to popular belief, security doors can be customized to allow for pet doors.

Can be Installed Later

Security doors can be customized for many different sized and styled doorframes. They can be installed at a later date if the home is already completed.

Numerous Styles to Choose From

Sahara Window and Doors carries many different styles of security doors to choose from. We have hundreds of styles, colors, and designs to choose from.

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