Why Get Double-Hung Windows

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are the most common type of window throughout the United States. It’s the go-to window for many homes and apartments. Double-hung windows are windows with two sashes, a bottom sash and a top sash. In most double-hung windows you can open both the bottom and top sashes. Today, many also tilt in to make cleaning easy from inside the building. 

Double-Hung Window Benefits

As mentioned, double-hung windows are easy to clean. Since you are able to tilt the sashes in that eliminates the need to use ladders to reach windows on the upper floor for cleaning. You can easily tilt the sashes in and clean them with ease from the safety of the interior of the house. 

Double-hung windows are the ideal window type for window air conditioner units. The lower sash will help hold the window air conditioner unit in place and if you ever want to open the window you are still able to partially open it from the top.

Double-hung windows are quite versatile too. They work with most home types and styles. You can choose from aluminum, vinyl, wood, or fiberglass frames. They also come in more sizes, shapes, and colors than other window types. Their popularity means you’ll have more ways to customize double-hung windows to your home.

Double-hung windows are very energy efficient. A high-quality double-hung window can come with quadruple weatherstripping and you can get double or even triple pane double-hung windows to help make your more energy efficient.

Double-Hung Window Disadvantages

While there are very few cons to installing double-hung windows in your home, some do exist.

Double-hung windows are more expensive than single hung windows since the top sash requires an operating mechanism. For many, the additional cost is worth it to be able to open both the top and bottom of the window.

If you have older double-hung windows they may not be as airtight as other windows, or even recent double-hung windows. If you choose double-hung windows with quadruple weatherstripping this shouldn’t be a problem.

With double-hung windows, you’ll always want to double check the upper sash when you close it to make sure it is secure. If not shut and locked properly, gravity may slowly pull the upper sash down. 

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At Sahara Window and Doors we have worked with many homeowners over the year to install double-hung windows. We can easily replace single-pane windows with double-pane windows, convert other window styles into double-pane windows, or even put double-pane window where there was no window before. Our team are experts at what they do and are happy to discuss your window replacement project.

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