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Home Security Starts With a Secure Front Door

You can add all the alarms, sensors, and cameras you want, but a secure front door will do wonders for securing your home. Basically, home security should start with your front door. Sahara Window and Doors has many different types of front entry doors and storm doors to choose from that will help secure your home. The door isn’t the only thing to take into consideration though, a strong door on a weak frame doesn’t do very much for increasing security. Talk with the experts at Sahara Window and Doors to learn how our expertly installed front entry doors will help make your home more secure.

Exterior Doors

A great way to increase security for your home is to add steel security doors to any doors that don’t have them. Steel security storm doors add an additional barrier between the outside world and the inside of your home. Steel security storm doors can also be locked in addition to your exterior door, the lock can be either keyed to match your door’s lock or as a separate key. With steel security storm doors, you can have your main door open, but have a barrier between the inside and outside. 

You can have plastic or screen cover your steel security storm door and many of the doors allow you to swap between the two. Plastic works great in the winter since adds another layer of insulation, which helps increase energy efficiency for your home. In the summer swapping to a screen allows you to leave your front door open for ventilation without worrying about small children or pets getting outside or things from outside getting inside.


Exterior doors need to have at least a deadbolt to secure them. If your door does not, then it’s time for an upgrade. Deadbolts are more secure than other types of locks since they cannot be slipped and lock into the door frame. A high-quality deadbolt will have a lock that can not be picked either. Thanks to increases in technology, there now are locks that connect with devices eliminating the need for keys. Many of these locks can be accessed remotely and permission to enter can be granted or rescinded easily. Digital locks are also handy for people who forget to lock their door behind them since there are settings to that enable auto-locking after a determined amount of time. You can have the most secure door in the world, but if you never lock it, you might as well not have it.

Door Jambs

Most people don’t think about door jambs when they are purchasing a new door, but at Sahara Window and Doors, we do. Door jambs need to be reinforced for locks to properly function. A door jamb that hasn’t been reinforced can be kicked in. All door jambs done by Sahara Window and Doors are reinforced with plates surrounding the lock area. The metal plates help prevent splitting of the jamb, which then increases security.

For the Best Selection of Exterior Doors Visit Sahara Window and Doors

Sahara Window and Doors has the area’s largest selection of exterior doors, steel security storm doors, and locks. Sahara Window and Doors has a long history of helping Chicagoland homeowners located and install secure front doors. We carry more manufacturers brands than the competition, so you’re sure to find the perfect door for your home.

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Over the years Sahara Window and Doors has grown into Chicagoland’s best installers of entry doors. Receiving more glowing reviews than any other window or door company, Sahara Window and Doors is Chicago’s highest rated window and door company. By offering top-of-the-line front entry door manufacturers coupled with excellent work and quality customer service, Sahara Window and Doors has truly become Chicago’s best window and door installation company.

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