Window Companies are Not One-Size Fits All

Kitchen window

Just like everyone needs shoes, every home needs windows, and just like there are countless companies and styles of footwear options available to suit every person’s tastes, window companies and window features also run the gamut from basic contractor-grade to high-end designer series. In addition to saving on heating and cooling costs, replacement windows enhance the look of a home while making it less drafty and quieter. As an added bonus, they’re easier to clean and maintain than old windows with their outdated combination of storm windows and screens.

With eleven different window companies to choose from at Sahara Window and Doors, there are affordable options to compliment any budget. Furthermore our installers are seasoned craftsmen and company employees, never subcontractors, because even the best windows won’t deliver the look or comfort you’d expect if they’re poorly installed. Marvin, Pella, Commercial-Grade, and Great Lakes Windows are just a few of the window companies we offer, with thirty different color options to fit any design need.

Different window companies offer different types of materials and styles of windows, so it’s important to know what material will suit your home, as well. Wood window frames and all-vinyl frames are the most popular choices. Wood-frame windows are usually clad in other materials on the home’s exterior to protect the wood from the elements and eliminate painting. While wood frames are an investment, they are often more attractive than other options. Vinyl-frame windows are the least expensive and are usually white with less options for customizing hardware, etc. Fiberglass-frame windows are relatively new; the plastic is embedded with fiberglass needles to make for a stronger and stiffer frame. Steel frames are used for fire-rated windows, where extra safety and security is needed.

Unfortunately, a blog post can’t even hope to scratch the surface of what different window companies can offer the consumer, you. However, by making a free in-home estimate by calling our office at 847/259-9099, a design representative can assess what you have currently and give you the best options for window replacement. Additionally, you can always stop by our showroom in Mount Prospect, IL and see the windows in person.

kitchen window