Should I be Worried About Condensation on my Windows?

window condensation
For the most part, a little condensation on your home’s windows is nothing to worry about. It’s only when you have excessive condensation on the windows, or the condensation is between the window panes that you should be concerned.

What Causes Condensation on Your Windows?

Condensation happens when warm, humid air comes into contact with a cold surface. Warm air can hold more moisture than cold air, so when warm air and a cool surface come into contact, water will form on the surface as the air cools. Condensation is much more visible on windows since condensation obstructs your view of the outside world, but it can also form on walls and other surfaces.

Why is the Air in my Home so Humid?

The air within your home tends to be more humid than the air in the outside world, but why? Your day to day life releases a lot of moisture into the air inside your home and with today’s more energy-efficient building materials and standards that moist air has a hard time escaping to the outside world. Things such as showering, bathing, cooking, doing laundry, cleaning, and even breathing can increase the humidity in your home. Some people will even use humidifiers to increase the humidity in their homes. Also, plants will increase humidity in the home.

Do I want my Home to be Very Humid?

We all know someone who the moment they start feeling ill pulls out the humidifier, but contrary to popular belief keeping your home humid can lead to health risks. Molds and mildews thrive in humid environments and when they become airborne can cause health issues. Potential health risks include allergic reactions, sinus and nasal irritations, infections, respiratory issues, dizziness, lethargy, and asthma attacks. Make sure to keep this in mind the next time you think about turning on your humidifier.

Can High Levels of Moisture in the Air Damage the Home?

Moist air has a higher pressure than less moist or even dry air. The higher pressure air inside the home will push out on the structure in an attempt to equalize pressure. Over time this equalizing of pressure can cause damage to the structure like destroying insulation, peeling or blistering paint, stained walls and ceilings, and damage to the floors, wall supports, and foundation.

What Time of Year is Condensation Most Likely to Occur?

When you see condensation on your windows and even if, will vary depending on where you are located. For example, in Chicagoland, we can see condensation year round. During the winter months when heated interior air hits cold windows. During the summer and fall due to particularly damp air. We even can experience reverse condensation where the moisture appears on the outside of the window.

What About Condensation Inside the Windows?

When condensation occurs inside the window, between the window panes, that means that the window has a broken seal. The easiest way to test whether the condensation is due to a broken seal is to run your finger along the glass. If your finger stays dry, then it’s the seal, but if it gets wet, it’s not. If your windows have broken seals, it’s the perfect time to consider replacement windows from Sahara Window and Doors.

What Steps Can I Take to Reduce Indoor Humidity?

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  • Increase Ventilation by opening the windows with condensation on them for a few minutes to allow the humid air to escape.
  • Make sure all sources of moisture are ventilated, such as kitchens, showers, and laundry rooms.
  • Install high-quality storm windows to create an additional barrier between the exterior and interior air.
  • Set your humidifier to the recommended level for the temperatures you are currently experiencing. Also, consider purchasing a humidity monitor to keep an eye on the moisture levels in your home.
  • Waterproof your basement to minimize moisture seeping in from the ground.
  • Use a dehumidifier in any troublesome areas of the structure.

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