Upgrading Your Outdated Windows With Triple Pane Windows

Triple Glazing Cross Section

What Are Triple Pane Windows?

Triple pane refers to the number of glass panes in the window. A triple pane window has three, two exterior panes and one between. Most windows installed into homes are double pane windows and only have the two exterior panes. Homes with older windows in Chicago may only have single pane windows installed. Each additional layer of glass provides an extra insulating layer preventing heat loss and gain during the heating and cooling months of the year.

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Benefits of Installing Triple Pane Windows

Triple pane vinyl windows offer increased the energy efficiency, dampened sound transmission, increased security, and reduced window condensation. The initial cost for triple pane vinyl windows is a little more than double pane, but the benefits make the increased cost more than worth it.[/col][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″]


Energy Efficiency

Windows and doors are the most vulnerable areas of the home when it comes to energy loss, so ensuring you have the most energy efficient windows is a no-brainer. A recent study by the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory found that triple pane windows decreased energy use by 12.2% when compared to double pane windows. 12.2% is significant, especially considering that was a decrease in the entire energy bill. Compared to single pane windows, triple pane windows decrease energy use by 50%.

Dampened Sound Transmission

City living can be quite noisy, and older windows can only do so much to decrease the noise outside from being audible in the house. Each additional pane of glass helps to dampen the sound and keep your home a sanctuary from the outside.

Increased Security

Home security isn’t just about making sure your doors are locked, your windows are another access point thieves use to break into homes. Triple pane windows require a potential burglar to break three panes of glass before getting into your home, making them more likely to be detected. For added security you can also get high-end locking mechanisms for your new triple pane windows.

Reduced Window Condensation

Condensation on the interior of windows happens when the surface of the glass gets cooler as heat escapes. With triple pane windows, the interior glass pane maintains a surface temperature close to the home temperatures, decreasing the likelihood of condensation buildup. Windows with excessive condensation risk rotted window sills, mold, and mildew.What you’ll notice most when you replace your old single or double pane windows with new triple pane vinyl windows from Sahara Window and Doors is a decrease in draftiness or chill by your windows during the winter months. Think of the last time you stood by your windows on a cold day, did it feel colder by the windows than other parts of the house? If so, you may want to consider upgrading to Sahara Window and Door’s triple pane windows.